Bob Geldof says his immaturity ''bothers'' him.

The singer and Band Aid founder was known for being brash and outspoken during his heyday with punk rock band Boomtown Rats and he admits little has changed since then, which worries him.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''The immaturity of myself now is what bothers me, not the maturity of myself then. Was I wise beyond my youth? Absolutely not. But I was totally clear what I wanted to happen with the band and the music. I was entirely focused on that.

''Now, I'm thinking, 'Do not go genteel into that dark night.' And that animus hasn't gone, though I wish it had. I'm aware of emotional incontinence 'cos things set me off. And that's allowed in your young twenties, but considered a little naff later.''

While the 61-year-old star may be at odds with his personality, he believes his pushy nature has allowed him to achieve great things, including the Live Aid charity.

He added: ''I think I've used it quite well to drive forward things I wanted to happen.''