Bob Geldof regrets failing to spot the talent of Jon Bon Jovi before he shot to fame because the rocker once tried to sell songs to The Boomtown Rats star while working as a janitor.

The Irish musician has revealed he encountered the Bon Jovi frontman as a young man while he was attempting to break into the music industry, but Geldof missed the chance to give him his big break.

In an interview with Britain's Absolute Radio, which airs in the U.K. on Friday (14Jun13), he says, "So, Bon Jovi was working in Electric Ladyland (recording studios in New York City); I think he was the janitor there. And I was mixing an album... And the janitor in that session, I think the guy doing the cleaning up and running around was Jon Bon Jovi who was trying to sell me his songs; and now I deeply regret that I didn't buy any of them."

Geldof is set to perform with his reunited band The Boomtown Rats at Britain's Isle of Wight festival ahead of Bon Jovi's headline set there, and the rocker hints he might be sharing the stage with the singer.

He adds, "Usually when he plays here I get up on stage and do a tune with him because he is a mad Rats fan..

"He's a seriously good guy and he has been a good friend. And for all that stuff that we have done like Live Aid and Live 8, he has pitched up and done it whenever we have asked him with the full band; when he comes over usually I get up and do a Rats song with him because he likes doing them, he was a Rats fan."