Bob Geldof has written a newspaper article encouraging the public to ignore criticism of the recent Band Aid single and buy the track to raise money to tackle the Ebola crisis.

A number of celebrities have publicly criticised the latest incarnation of festive track Do They Know It's Christmas? for its lyrics and fundraising method, including Emeli Sande, Lily Allen and Kasabian.

Geldof has previously blasted the critics, but in one final push to get the song to the Christmas number one spot in the U.K., the Boomtown Rats rocker has written an article for Britain's The Independent newspaper urging readers to ignore the cynicism and focus on the cause.

He writes, "Whatever impenetrable b**locks has been spoken about this little song, the reality has been 30 non-stop years of Band Aid work, hundreds of millions of dollars raised and spent, millions of lives bettered... In the face of that, who gives a f**k what some ill-informed, stupid, cliched, metropolitan bunch of t**ts from 'Cooltown' think disputing the words of a minor pop song, questioning the artists, querying the motivation behind it? And all this sickening petty irrelevance against what the Bbc called 'the industrial-scale dying' of those one plane ride away from us. If you can't get a life then why not try to give one to others? Whatever...

"But be assured that I, for one, and all the others involved in Band Aid will never stop. And nor will millions of other people, real people, who saw those other real people in unimaginable terror and pain, and wanted to do something, however simple... In buying this record that is what most people will do. They will reach across the abyss of human suffering. For whatever the cynics say, the impulse of compassion will always triumph."