Bob Geldof has written an emotional tribute piece for a U.K. newspaper in memory of Irish author Josephine Hart, who died this week (beg30May11).
The novelist, whose debut book Damage was turned into a 1992 film of the same name starring Jeremy Irons and Miranda Richardson, passed away on Thursday (03Jun11) following a battle with ovarian cancer.
Geldof was friends with Hart and often took part in her poetry reading events, and he has expressed his sorrow at her loss in a piece for Britain's Evening Standard newspaper.
He writes, "She was a wonder... She was everything an Irish convent girl must be - rebellious, provocative, daring, contrarian, outspoken, beyond erudite and literate... Sometimes to my great delight she would ask me to read Yeats or Keats at one of her public poetry nights. Inevitably I was dreadful but she always said, 'darling, you were absolutely wonderful!'..."
Geldof adds of her passing, "London is less. We are diminished."