Rock veteran Bob Geldof is glad he made a fortune from his career in the music industry as his biggest fear is dying a penniless, lonely old man.

The Boomtown Rats star shot to fame in the late 1970s and has made millions from songwriting royalties and his co-ownership of media company Planet 24.

His success has left him financially set up for the rest of his life, and Geldof is glad he will be comfortable when he finally retires.

He tells Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, "I worried I'd be one of those lonely old men I used to work with in Dublin. That frightened me. Poverty. Loneliness.

"At 62 all I can say is, 'Phew', I didn't end up that person. I scan my life mentally and it's Ok. I check and I have money in the bank and am surrounded by beautiful women. I thought I'd be lonely. But I met some guys (the band) in a pub in Dublin years ago, and because of that I was singing for 30,000 people in Singapore last week and speaking at an international conference the next day. Who would have imagined it?"