Bob Geldof is unfazed by his daughter Peaches' saucy photo scandal, revealing he refuses to "lecture" the star because she comes from a "party family".
Provocative images of the TV star, showing Geldof sprawled naked across the bonnet of a car in broad daylight and another of a man licking her breast, emerged last week (18Mar11).
She was quick to dismiss the controversy, stating, "Taking photos from my Facebook in which my bra is visible does not make me some debauched whore" - and now Bob has come to the defence of his daughter.
He says, "We are a party family. I don't worry about my children's future. I'm excited about the future. You get one shot and you can help to steer the future, which I enjoy. But you can't if you stand outside constantly carping or commenting. You must be proactive.
"If the kids are or not I'm certainly not going to force them into a given direction. I don't lecture."
The former Boomtown Rats star reveals he keeps an eye on his four daughters by monitoring their internet activity: "I watch how the four girls behave online. They will go on Facebook, see what's happening and exchange photos. One of them will download illegally, the other refuses and pays."