Bob Geldof has urged David Bowie fans to give up hope of ever seeing the music icon play live again, insisting his friend has no plans to stage a surprise comeback gig.

Bowie stunned the showbiz world by releasing his first new music in a decade in January (13), and his comeback album, The Next Day, topped charts all over world on its release in March (13).

Fans are hoping Bowie will capitalise on his success by making a return to the stage, but The Boomtown Rats star Geldof, who claims to know the reclusive music icon "fairly well", is certain Bowie isn't plotting any gigs.

In an interview with Britain's Absolute Radio, which airs in the U.K. on Friday (14Jun13), Geldof says, "I don't think it is a comeback for him. I think he is surprised and he's pleased with attention... (But) I don't think he is going to play again, I really don't think that. I know him fairly well... But I have heard from people who do know him that he was pleased about it (the album's success), very surprised and as anybody would be, flattered. But that is about it, I think it was a one off and I don't think he wants to perform anymore, I think it is as simple as that."

However, Geldof hopes his friend will change his mind, adding, "He is a mercurial character and that is the basis of his genius. So maybe he will flip tomorrow morning and say 'I'm going back out and I am going to be this person this time!'"

Geldof made a comeback of his own last week (07Jun13) when he reunited The Boomtown Rats for their first gig in 26 years at an English pub ahead of their planned performance at the upcoming Isle of Wight festival on Sunday (16Jun13).