BIRHAN WOLDU, the famine survivor who joined SIR Bob Geldof on stage at Saturday's (02JUL05) London Live 8 concert, was intimidated by the worldwide audience watching her until Madonna held her hand.

Woldu, who was reminded of her dead mother and sister when she took to the stage, was terrified by her appearance until the RAY OF LIGHT superstar's calming influence made her realise Live 8 will help provide salvation for her troubled continent.

She recalls, "The crowd seemed to stretch for miles, but I'd been telling myself not to be nervous.

"There was just a huge picture of me as a child on the screen. That photo still upsets me.

"It was 20 years ago when both my mother and sister died. I knew I must be strong for them but when I walked on I could feel my body shaking.

"Then Madonna took my hand and looked into my eyes. The crowd roared and I realised the world wanted to save my continent.

"I felt myself grow stronger."

Woldu survived Ethiopia's terrible 1985 famine thanks to aid supplied by 1985's Live Aid fundraising, organised by SIR BOB GELDOF and Midge Ure.

04/07/2005 02:09