A rare recording of a previously unheard Bob Dylan song is for sale on eBay for $12,500 (GBP6,350). A friend of producer DAVID BRIGGS, who worked on the song, claims he was given the tape by Briggs before his death in 1995, and he's now decided to sell the recording of SIDEWALKS, FENCES AND WALLS on eBay. Dylan experts believe the recording is genuine and suggest it was recorded in Los Angeles studio Sunset Sounds on 5 March 1987 for possible inclusion on the LAY LADY LAY singer's DOWN IN THE GROOVE album. A studio log from the time lists a song called SIDE WALKS, on which Dylan was accompanied by guitarist JESSE ED DAVIS, bassist ROBERT TSUKAMOTO, drummer MARK A SCHATZKAMMER and clarinet player Gary Ray. The recording includes three versions of the track, as well as studio conversations between Dylan and Briggs.