The man behind the character Mr Jones in Bob Dylan's classic BALLAD OF A THIN MAN has died. He was 63. Jeffrey Owen Jones, a film professor at New York's Rochester Institute Of Technology, has been regularly identified as the subject of the track, which appeared on 1965's Highway 61 Revisited. Jones died of lung cancer at the beginning of November (07). According to the widely held theory, Jones inspired the song after interviewing Dylan as an intern at America's Time magazine. The pair spoke at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, just ahead of the singer's legendary performance where he went electric. The opening lines of the song are, "You walk into the room/With your pencil in your hand/You see somebody naked/And you say, 'Who is that, man?'/ You try so hard/But you don't understand/Just what you'll say/When you get home/ Because something is happening here/ But you don't know what it is/Do you, Mister Jones?"