The guitar that Bob Dylan played at his legendary Newport Folk Festival concert in 1965 is currently at the centre of a dispute over its genuine whereabouts. Fox News have reported that historians at PBS recently made a 'History Detectives' episode about the famous sunburst Fender Stratocaster. They are standing by their claim that the daughter of a New Jersey pilot has the guitar in a family attic. However, Dylan's camp insist that he still has the guitar in his possession.

The infamous concert at Newport Folk Festival is the moment that Dylan went electric, much to the chagrin of many die-hard folk fanatics. One such fanatic famously called him "Judas," from the stands. Dylan, of course, never looked back and a few volts of electricity never harmed his career in the slightest. The moment was forever written in the history books and guitar expert Andy Babiuk explains "We all love Bob Dylan, but this is really a pinnacle point not just in his career but for music in general. I don't think music in the 1960s would have been the same if Dylan had not gone electric."

The woman claiming to have the guitar is the daughter of a pilot that Dylan often used to fly him between concerts. Elyse Luray, co-host for History Detectives and a former Christies auction house appraiser, has uncovered a list of evidence that makes it likely that the guitar is, indeed, the one that Dylan played at Newport. Dylan's lawyer, however, claims that the singer still has the guitar and insists that "He did own several other Stratocaster guitars that were stolen from him around that time, as were some handwritten lyrics. In addition, Bob recalls driving to the Newport Folk Festival, along with two of his friends, not flying." The mystery then, is yet to be fully unravelled.