Photographers in Germany are boycotting Bob Dylan's upcoming tour of the country, after his refusal to allow his picture to be taken during performances.

The photojournalists are also considering the same action against other stars, such as Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, GUNS N' ROSES and the KELLY FAMILY.

At its latest gathering on Friday (10OCT03) in Berlin, the GERMAN ASSOCIATION OF JOURNALISTS called on its more than 41,000 members to boycott Dylan's 17 October to 8 November (03) tour, as well as those by other major acts.

The association's managing director, THOMAS SCHELBERG, believes photographers are facing growing restrictions imposed by stars and their management over the types of snapshots they can take during concerts and how the images can be used.

A spokesman says, "The freedom of photographic journalists to pursue their profession is more important than Bob Dylan's personal preferences."

A spokesman for Cologne-based concert promoter PETER RIEGER, who is handling Dylan's tour, says, "If the artist doesn't want any photos taken, our hands are tied, and we have to accept this."

15/10/2003 02:29