Rock legend Bob Dylan is to be celebrated on film in a subversive new production by maverick director Todd Haynes called I'M NOT THERE: SUPPOSITIONS ON A FILM CONCERNING DYLAN.

In a bizarre move, OSCAR winner Haynes is casting six men and one woman - all black - to portray the enigmatic star at different stages of his life, in a bid to celebrate the singer's "inner blackness".

Haynes, who is considering Beyonce Knowles and tennis star Venus Williams for the female role, explains, "I am setting out to explode the idea that anybody can be depicted in a single self."

But Paramount movie bosses are said to be wary. An executive says, "Dylan has always acknowledged his debt to blues and gospel, but critics may say there are other ways of celebrating the African-American musical heritage.

"Todd is, however, a serious film-maker and we are confident that he will treat it all with respect. We hope."

20/03/2005 14:56