Bob Dylan has topped a new magazine poll of the best living songwriters, beating off competition from Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Writers of US music magazine Paste chose Dylan to head up their comprehensive 100 Best Living Songwriters list, and readers agreed - voting Dylan ahead of Young and Springsteen. Both top 10s also feature Elvis Costello, husband and wife Tom Waits and KATHLEEN BRENNAN, and Joni Mitchell. Readers chose to add U2, Paul Simon and Van Morrison to their list - ahead of writers' choices Leonard Cohen, Sir Paul McCartney, Prince and BEACH BOY Brian Wilson. The magazine top 10 is: 1. BOB DYLAN 2. NEIL YOUNG 3. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN 4. TOM WAITS/KATHLEEN BRENNAN 5. SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY 6. LEONARD COHEN 7. BRIAN WILSON 8. ELVIS COSTELLO 9. JONI MITCHELL 10. PRINCE.