Bob Dylan has launched a legal battle to prevent a movie based on the life of Edie Sedgwick, a member of Andy Warhol's Factory, from being released. The movie Factory Girl, is scheduled to be released by The Weinstein Company on Dec. 29. According to initial reviews of the movie, it implies that Sedgwick's death came after she plunged into heroin addiction after Dylan broke off his relationship with her in the late '60s. In the film, the Dylan character, played by Hayden Christensen, is named Danny Quinn and is supposedly based on several men Sedgwick knew prior to her suicide in November 1971. But Orin Snyder, Dylan's attorney, maintained that the Quinn character defames his client. (Christensen reportedly wears a scarf similar to the one Dylan wore on his Blonde on Blonde album.) "You appear to be laboring under the misunderstanding that merely changing the name of a character or making him a purported fictional composite will immunize you from suit," Snyder said in his letter. "That is not so."