Bob Dylan is so proud of the folk-rock anthems he recorded early in his career he'd cover them if they weren't his tunes. The LAY LADY LAY singer is never surprised with the long list of artists who have recorded his classics - because they're great songs. He says, "My old songs, they've got something. I think my songs have been covered - maybe not as much as White Christmas or STARDUST... but there's a list of over 5,000 recordings. That's a lot of people covering your songs... I'd cover my songs too. "I can still play a lot of those songs... How many other artists made songs during that time? How many do you hear today? I love Marvin Gaye, I love all that stuff. But how often are you gonna hear WHAT'S GOING ON? "I mean, who sings it? Who sings TRACKS OF MY TEARS? Where is that being sung tonight?"