Bob Dylan has given his approval to forthcoming biopic I'M NOT THERE after he was won over by the actors - including Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger and Cate Blanchett - who appear in the film. The Todd Haynes-directed movie, which sees six actors take on the life of Dylan during different periods of his career, debuted to much fanfare at the Venice Film Festival on Tuesday (04Sep07) - and it was Blanchett's portrayal of the rocker in particular which gained the most praise by critics. But Haynes is adamant it was the movie's open-ending which is most pleasing for Dylan. He says, "There have been documentaries (about Dylan) but this is the first dramatic film about his life which he has ever given his consent to. He has a tremendous sense of humour about the way he has been characterised. I think that's a really healthy attitude and he saw something similar in this film. "I do think it was because of this open structure, something that we keep expanding through the years. And because of that Bob thought, 'OK, this may be the one thing I'll say OK to.'"