The biographer who wrote an acclaimed biography of Bob Dylan is in talks to publish a sensational new book about the life of Sir Paul McCartney. Howard Sounes' 2001 tome Down The Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan was well received by critics and now the author is planning on penning a tell-all book about the Beatles legend. Sounes' agent confirmed the book will give the singer the "epic treatment" and will cover all aspects of his life and career including his recent divorce battle with Heather Mills. Representative Gordon Wise says, "Howard will be putting everything into context. John Lennon has been given the epic treatment several times over but no one has talked about Sir Paul in that way." And referring to MCCartney's divorce, which was settled in court earlier this week (beg17Mar08), he says, "Sounes will approach this with an independent eye, but it will not be a muck-racking biography." A spokeswoman for publishing giant HarperCollins confirmed they are in talks about the book but denied a deal had been agreed, saying, "The agent has rather jumped the gun. We are in discussion but we still haven't bought it."