Music legend Bob Dylan is reportedly threatening to sue makers of SIENNA MILLER's latest film, which depicts him in a raunchy love triangle with artist Andy Warhol and sixties party girl Edie Sedgwick.

The LAY, LADY, LAY singer, 63, insists he met Warhol's muse only three times before her death in 1971 and he's furious the movie, FACTORY GIRL portrays him as an evil pornographer fighting Warhol for the love of Sedgwick, played by Jude Law's girlfriend Miller.

An aide of Dylan tells British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, "I have no clue where they got this story. Not only did they not obtain Bob Dylan's approval but we were totally unaware of the existence of the project. I do not see how this film can ever get made."

Meanwhile the movie's co-producer, RICHARD GOLUB, counters, "Sienna is just amazing in this role and no one is going to stop this film being made."

07/11/2004 14:24