Unorthodox tactics from one crowd member coaxed the normally curmudgeonly Bob Dylan from his shell in a Sao Paolo concert.

The young woman got past security on to the stage where, according to reports, she hugged and kissed the 66-year-old folk hero.

Dylan clung on to his black Cordoba hat as she attempted to wrest it from him, but her efforts were unsuccessful before she was dragged off by a bouncer.

Far from inducing further reclusiveness from Dylan, whose lack of conversation during concerts is renowned the world over, the star ventured some remarks at the end of the show.

"Thank you, friends. And I'd like to thank that young lady for coming up and joining us on stage," the Reuters news agency quoted him as saying.

"Where did she go? I want to give her my hat. Don't let her get away," he added, laughing to himself.

It is not clear whether the pair met up afterwards but, even if they failed to do so, it seems the anonymous woman in question believed she had had a pretty good night.

Local reports suggested she was seen with a group of friends singing "I kissed Bob Dylan, la, la, la," into the night.

08/03/2008 12:46:32