Lyric sheets for two unrecorded Bob Dylan songs written early in his career failed to find a buyer at auction on Thursday (04Dec14).

The typed manuscript for Talkin Folklore Center from 1962 was estimated to fetch between $40,000 (£25,000) and $60,000 (£37,500), and the written words for 1963's Go Away You Bomb had a price tag between $30,000 (£18,750) to $50,000 (£31,250).

However, when the items went under the hammer at Christie's auction house in New York on Thursday, they failed to sell.

The lyric sheets were given to concert producer Izzy Young after he helped to stage the folk rocker's first big show at the Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York in November, 1961.

The proceeds from the lyrics were to benefit Young's new venture, the Folklore Centrum in Stockholm, Sweden, where he relocated in 1972. It is not known if he plans to try to sell them again.