Bob Dylan is planning to release a new album this April, it has emerged.

The legendary singer-songwriter has not released any new material since 2006's MODERN TIMES.

Rolling Stone reports that Dylan was keen to continue writing after composing a song to be used on the soundtrack of Olivier Dahan's forthcoming film My Own Love Song, starring Renée Zellweger.

The new album - which is said to be made up of raw-country love songs - has been produced by Dylan under his Jack Frost pseudonym.

"You would never expect the record after Modern Times to sound like this," said a source.

"Bob takes all of those disparate elements you hear and puts them into a track. But you can't put your finger on it [and say] 'It sounds exactly like that'. That's why he's so original."

MARIANNE FAITHFULL recently revealed that Bob was so desperate to bed her during the 1960s he spent several days writing a poem for her.

06/03/2009 11:47:40