Veteran rocker Bob Dylan's first movie for 16 years has been blasted by American critics - with one dismissing it as making less sense than "someone else's acid trip".

MASKED + ANONYMOUS - which also stars Penelope Cruz, Ed Harris, JEFF BRIDGES, Mickey Rourke and VAL KILMER - opened across America last night (24JUL03) to dismal reviews.

Cruz was described by American paper the STAR LEDGER as being hopelessly miscast and "lost" in her role.

Internet review site SALON described the $11.2 million (GBP7 million) film as "one giant in-joke about Dylan's career and destiny, about the person he has become and is becoming".

The LIKE A ROLLING STONE singer plays ageing rock star JACK TATE, a drifting musician brought out of prison by an ex-manager to play one last gig for charity.

25/07/2003 13:32