An ageing Bob Dylan devotee is searching for a U.S. university home for his impressive collection of the folk-rock icon's memorabilia.
Mel Prussack, 70, has been collecting Dylan knick-knacks since 1965, and many years ago he turned a spare bedroom in his New Jersey home into a Dylan Shrine.
Now the shrine is going on the road as Prussack hopes to encourage a university to pick up the permanent exhibition and show it long after he dies.
The superfan has already been snubbed by Princeton University, where Dylan received an honorary doctorate in 1970, because rules forbid curators there from accepting outside donations, and now he's in talks to hand his collection to the University of Minnesota - Dylan’s home state.
Prussack tells the Sentinel newspaper, "(It's important) people know that I have these things and I want to put it somewhere.
“I want to try and educate the young people to understand why Dylan was such an important figure, because our whole times are going to be studied through his work."
Among the quirky items in the fan's collection: a keychain Dylan threw into the crowd after a show at William Paterson University in 1997, guitar picks, a promotional jar of Traveling Wilburys Twist Peanut Butter and Jelly and the Dylan percussionist Mickey Jones' signed drumsticks.