Bob Dylan is expected to snub his daughter's wedding, despite being invited to the nuptials.

The 72-year-old musician's 27-year-old daughter Desiree Dennis-Dylan - his sixth child, and only offspring with second wife Carolyn Dennis, his long-time back-up singer - is tying the knot with her girlfriend Kayla Sampson next August in Mira Loma, California.

Desiree - who met Kayla while performing in the Young Americans, a travelling non-profit performing arts club for youths - has invited her famous father to the nuptials but is expecting to be disappointed.

Jolene Sampson - Kayla's mother - told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''Of course he's invited, but he's just not going to go. He didn't say that, but that's what we are assuming. It would be sad, but he is really supportive and happy for her.''

Bob and Carolyn married in June 1986 - six months after Desiree was born - but divorced in October 1992. The marriage and their daughter's existence were a secret and were only revealed when Howard Sounes' Dylan biography, 'Down the Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan', was released in 2001.

At the time, Carolyn insisted they kept their daughter a secret so she could have a ''normal childhood''. She had her mother's surname as a child but eventually took her famous father's surname when she was old enough to decide for herself.

Desiree has refused to be drawn on her dad Bob's potential wedding no-show.

Speaking through a publicist about the ceremony, Desiree said: ''No decisions have been made about a wedding. We want to keep matters affecting our families private.''

When quizzed on whether or not her dad will have a role in her big day, she said: ''We don't know yet. We will have to see.''