Bob Dylan was used in two commercials during the Super Bowl last night (02.02.14).

The 72-year-old musician appeared in an advert for the Chrysler 200, and also allowed the makers of low-fat yoghurt Chobani to use his 1966 single 'I Want You' to soundtrack a commercial featuring a bear stealing the snack from a small convenience store.

The singer's Chrysler advert implored viewers of the iconic sporting event to buy American cars and used iconic US imagery such as highways, billiards and James Dean as Dylan asked: ''Is there anything more American than America?''

He then said: ''You can't import original, you can't fake true cool, you can't duplicate legacy... Detroit made cars and cars made America.''

A number of celebrities also appeared in adverts - which cost $4 million for a 30-second slot - during the NFL showpiece game, including Arnold Schwarzenegger Light for Bud, Carmen Electra who shot a commercial for Volkswagen, and David Beckham, who promoted his own H&M David Beckham Bodywear line.

More than 100 million people tuned in to watch the American football final and other adverts featured music by Lady GaGa, OneRepublic and U2, who used the broadcast to debut their new single 'Invisible'.

This wasn't the first time Dylan had appeared in commercials for the big game.

He promoted Victoria's Secret in 2004, Pepsi in 2009 and has previously been involved in adverts for Cadillac, Apple and Jeep.