American politician Bob Dole is possibly the last person in America to discover the OSBOURNES - and he despises them.

Dole blasted rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his foul-mouthed clan on TV show 60 MINUTES on Sunday (04MAY03).

In his ongoing series of point-counterpoints with Bill Clinton, Dole asked, "Does Hollywood still think Ozzy Osbourne is funny now that he's shipped his underage son (JACK) off to drug rehab? America is awash in reality TV. And the reality is it's debasing and degrading."

The ex-senator then blasts Clinton directly, saying, "Don't your showbiz pals realise the consequences? They package dysfunctional people like the Osbournes. Giggle at the coarseness and the crimes. And sink lower for higher ratings. For eight years, you treated Hollywood like your own piggy bank. Now how about joining me in demanding a little responsibility?"

In his reply, Clinton singled out American TV network Fox for its racy programming - where former intern Monica Lewinsky recently launched the reality series MR PERSONALITY.

06/05/2003 09:13