The budget on Boadicea Tv movie WARRIOR QUEEN was so tight, British actress Alex Kingston had to wash her hands and clean her toilet with Coca-Cola.

The cast and crew on the Romanian set had no access to running water and had to make do with bottles of sparkling water and Coca-Cola.

But Kingston's simple trailer rider - an electric kettle - helped her stay sane when she jetted between the ER set and her epic about the ancient Queen of The Iceni.

She says, "It's in my contract - 'must have an electric kettle'. So I could boil up the water, but I had to flush my toilet with the Coca-Cola and wash my hands with the Coca-Cola.

"I can say that if you ever run out of bleach, Coca-Cola works really well. It gave me a nice clean toilet."

12/10/2003 20:51