Hollywood actress MORGAN FAIRCHILD may be a veteran in the industry - but she can still "kick butt" with the best of them. Fairchild is starring as SOPHIA BLAKELY opposite Bo Derek in US network MyNetworkTV's upcoming show FASHION HOUSE, and she loves all the catfighting scenes with Derek, who plays evil fashionista MARIA GIANNI. Fairchild tells the New York Post newspaper, "I think the stunt guys get a big kick out of it. I had to take one of the directors aside, and tell him I had four years of Kung Fu training in Chinatown. I said, 'I can give you a good fight, not the little girlie-shove stuff. You can take that and run with it.'" And clearly people love tough Fairchild - videos of the Sophie/Maria fight scenes are already being downloaded off the internet. Fairchild says, "The response to the bitch-slapping scenes has been really fabulous. I think people are really going to like it."