Actress Bo Derek has never undergone cosmetic surgery or even worked out at the gym, because she believes the great outdoors gives her everything she needs to look and feel great.

The 10 star still looks fabulous at 48 - and insists her healthy lifestyle on her ranch in California keeps her in top form.

She says, "I go for manual labour as my favourite workout... I'd rather dig a ditch, clean out my stalls and clean my own house.

"How many friends I have that have a nanny and a housekeeper and this person to do this. If they just did some of their own work, they'd be in great shape.

"I can't stand gymnasiums. I don't get any endorphin high from working out. I love to eat. I moderate that... if I pig out for a few days then I watch it for a few days.

"I don't know where people have the time or even the money to follow fashion and trends and surgeries and everything. It's an obsession and it can't be good."

21/07/2005 09:30