10 star Bo Derek has turned down several reality TV show ideas because they're all crass and they invade her private life.

The stunning actress admits she has been inundated with offers to star in reality programmes, and was the original choice for KEPT, which became a vehicle for Jerry Hall, in which she picked the perfect gigolo.

She says, "The stupidest one was sort of an AUNTIE MAME, where I take these underprivileged children and we go on safari, we go on trips and I keep eliminating one and in the end they get a scholarship, they get all these wonderful things in their lives.

"I said, 'I have a problem with this because of the eliminating the kid. I'm fine taking them all on safari but I just can't, every week... (say) you go back to public housing,' and they said, 'We'll work this out.'"

Derek admits the major turn-off about all the projects she has been offered was her fear she'd have too much of her personal life shown on TV - something she constantly tries to avoid.

She explains, "Shania Twain's an acquaintance of mine; she's got a serious private life and she's the biggest thing there is."