10 star Bo Derek is making her way to Ecuador tomorrow (19FEB04), to present the government with two dogs trained to sniff out poachers threatening local marine life.

Derek says the idea of using the German Shepherd dogs to aid marine police in thwarting poachers on the Galapagos Islands came about two years ago (02). The CALIFORNIA CANINES organisation initiated the plan, a German breeder donated the dogs, and they were trained at Virginia's DETECTOR DOGS OF AMERICA.

She says, "Sea cucumbers and shark fins are considered aphrodisiacs in Asia. The poachers are known to cut off the shark's fins and throw the carcasses back in the water.

"If we show success in this case, I can see it working in Africa and Thailand and other places where poachers are a threat.

"I think after 9/11, everyone could appreciate how important these (detector) dogs are. There are fantastic uses for them, which is especially amazing in a time we're more and more dependent on technology."

23/02/2004 13:54