Animal-loving actress Bo Derek is lending her fame to Illinois lawmakers working to keep horses from being slaughtered for human consumption.

The 10 star says horses shouldn't be killed for food in the United States since Americans don't eat horse meat.

Nearly 50,000 horses were slaughtered last year (03) in the United States. The meat was then exported to Europe and Asia to be eaten, according to the NATIONAL HORSE PROTECTION COALITION, an organisation for which Derek serves as a spokeswoman.

Derek says, "I'm not going to judge another culture and what they choose to eat, but I don't see why they have to eat American horses."

The Illinois legislation Derek supports is meant to keep a DeKalb horse slaughtering plant from reopening. CAVEL INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED was destroyed in a fire two years ago, but it has been rebuilt and is scheduled to reopen this month (MAY04).

Derek, 47, criticises the "inhumane" way horses are shipped to slaughterhouses, saying, "They deserve better than being shipped in double-decker cattle trucks where they can't stand... Critically injured horses are shipped in horrible conditions without water over 24 hours to slaughterhouses."

20/05/2004 17:22