Movie star Bo Derek is spearheading a major new campaign to ban the slaughter of American horses for Asian and European dinner tables.

The 10 star, who raises horses at her ranch in California, has joined top jockeys and politicians to fight the barbaric horse trade after learning that over 50,000 beasts were killed in America last year (03) for consumption.

She says, "Americans don't raise horses for food, and we don't eat them. I want to end this horrid practice.

"Tens of thousands of horses are cruelly slaughtered in this country every year, just so someone in Europe can have a fancy dinner. It's just plain wrong."

Derek has gone to Congress in Washington DC, asking politicians to ban the trade in America.

She adds, "Horses hold a special place in American history and culture, be it through farm work, racing, trail riding, companionship or a host of other activities."

15/11/2004 02:05