I’ll See You in My Dreams marks Blythe’s first lead actress role, and it tells the story of a widow who discovers life can begin again at any age.

Gwyneth loves the movie, and she wanted Blythe to share her on-set experience with the masses. However, the 73-year-old wasn’t convinced.

“Not at all,” she told Britain’s Metro newspaper when asked if she was a social media user. “I’m glad I’m older in that I don’t feel the need. I was on Instagram for about two minutes. My daughter put me on: then I said, ‘That’s not for me.’ I check in with my grandchildren and my daughter but other than that I have no desire.

“Gwyneth thought I should be doing things of the moment. She loves the movie and she thought people should see what I was up to. I said: ‘Well, I’ll leave that up to you. You tell them.’”

The film was released Stateside in May (15), but didn’t hit British cinema screens until February 2016.

Blythe’s character Carol is a former songstress, which the actress could relate to as she also used to sing.

“I was a typical actress. I wanted to have many different takes: ‘I can do it better; let me do one more!’” Blythe laughed of a karaoke scene. “I used to sing jazz when I was young and Cry Me a River (which she sings in the film) was a standard. I didn’t know the song the director (Brett Haley) had picked for the film so he said I could do that one.”

The shooting schedule only lasted 18 days, with the cast and crew given weekends off.

“I wasn’t sure I had the stamina – I’ve never carried a film before,” Blythe admitted. “I’ve had leads on stage but never in a film. But they were very considerate.”