Blur star Alex James has revealed the band's upcoming summer (12) gig in London could be the "last thing" the rockers ever do together.
The Britpop pioneers reunited in 2009 for a series of gigs following a six-year hiatus, and after another short break, they returned to the music scene this year (12) for a show at the recent Brit Awards.
The band will also play a massive gig at London's Hyde Park in August (12) to mark the end of the 2012 Olympic Games in the British capital, and James fears the concert will signal the end of Blur.
During an appearance on Bbc Breakfast, James said of the gig, "It is tinged with a bit of sadness really. This show in the summer could be the last thing we ever do."
The hosts then pressed the star about rumours the band is working on a new album, and he replied, "Not a new album. No."