Blur drummer Dave Rowntree is furious after U.K. officials wiped out graffiti inspired by the band's hit For Tomorrow from a London footpath.
The tribute, which read "And the view's so nice", was painted in 2000 near the summit of the capital's Primrose Hill, which offers a clear view of the city.
Blur's 1993 track includes the lyrics, "Take a drive to Primrose Hill / It's windy there, and the view's so nice."
Last week (ends27May12), the line was removed by cleaners for The Royal Parks, and Rowntree insists it's a huge loss.
He tells local publication Camden New Journal, "It's a jobsworth attitude in an Olympic year where we're supposed to celebrating British culture, and Blur did contribute to British culture. It's part of the Blur story.
"I can understand the decision, but I lived in the area for about 15 years and even I got used to it being there. It's a shame, it was in one of our videos, we felt deeply about the lyric and about the hill."