Blur guitarist Graham Coxon was so unprepared for the surge in popularity the band enjoyed when they scored their first number one single ten years ago, he tried to jump out of a window.

The Britpop stars beat rivals Oasis to the top of the UK singles chart with COUNTRY HOUSE in 1995, and while the rest of the band celebrated, introvert Coxon was less impressed with their new-found status.

Writing in British newspaper The Independent, bassist Alex James recalls,

"On the day that we made number one, I was in the car coming back from Devon.

"Everyone was drinking a lot at that time and we had a party in Soho that night. GRAHAM COXON tried to jump at the window. He didn't react well to success.

"It all felt like a terrible anti-climax. Being popular is quite easy, being good is much more difficult."

Coxon left Blur to purse a solo career in 2002.