Former Blur bandmates Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon are at war again - this time over whether or not the British rock band will reunite.
Albarn recently called time on the Park Life hitmakers, telling an Argentine newspaper, "Blur is over".
But Coxon, who quit Blur in 2002 after fighting with bandmates while recording the album Think Tank, is still holding out hope for a reunion.
Coxon writes on the Blur internet message board, "Damon didn't consult anybody else before he took it into his own hands to make this comment. Therefore I think it is nonsense. It isn't for him to decide.
"The anger (between band members) was all centred around long, deep friendships that were tested and tested by business, mega-fatigue, too much time with each other, problems with the roles we played in the band, a lack of trust and communication. It's very complicated.
"I know it seems simple to solve all this... a phone call, an arrangement to meet up, a chat, hugs, tears and a date pencilled in at the studio. I foolishly thought it could be that simple too, but I was wrong."
Coxon is convinced a phone call will fix his rift with Albarn - and is promising to reach out, to save the band.
He adds, "The facts are like this, really: there's no Blur at the moment. Damon probably ain't interested in a Blur that's not the full head count so I think it comes down to me trying again to contact him and talk to him.
"I tried before, as I said, and left messages. I want to do this anyway for the sake of all the years we were so close. But it takes guts. I psyched myself for days to call him last time and got the answering machine. It's a drag to get that after the psyching, the pondering over the mobile phone and the number and the pressing of the call button.
"I may have to psyche all over again. Be patient. No one knows the future, not even Damon."