Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon is heart broken after hearing his idol SYD BARRETT died on Friday (07JUL06). The PARKLIFE hitmaker, who is now pursuing a solo career, was inspired to learn guitar by Barrett's work with Pink Floyd, and he credits the SEE EMILY PLAY icon with giving him 20 years of non-stop enjoyment. He says, "Lost him again... for bang on 20 years Syd led me to better places. "From my agape 17-year-old first listen to BIKE to, just the other day, JUGBAND BLUES... Syd, dear man, what now? "The music is there... a door he left unlocked... spend time there... it's good." Barrett passed away following complications relating to diabetes at the age of 60. Barrett had lived a reclusive life since suffering a LSD-induced breakdown at the start of the band's fame in the 1960s. He left the band in 1968, just three years after bassist Roger Waters invited him to join, and was replaced as frontman by DAVID GILMOUR.