Celebrities are revealing the secrets of their musical talents on a free DVD.

Released by the Arts Council England, it is hoped the DVD will encourage young people to develop an interest in music.

KT Tunstall, Blur, ATHLETE and The Magic Numbers have all contributed to the DVD which contains four beginner-level lessons.

Speaking to the BBC KT TUNSTALL said: "There's nothing stopping anybody picking up an instrument for the first time, at any age.

"It's all about giving people a recreational approach. It's a great way to start."

BLUR's drummer DAVE ROWNTREE added that he thinks it is a fantastic idea.

"Lots of people learn by playing along to records," he continued. "This is an extra incentive."

Tens of thousands of DVDs are available via the Now Play It website which sells videos of rock stars like Sir Paul McCartney explaining the techniques in their songs.

Mary-Alice Stack from Arts Council England said: "Almost a third of people who have used the Take It Away scheme are complete beginners.

"So it's great to be able to create a starter pack with Now Play It and some of the biggest names in British music."

She added that she hoped the scheme would inspire people to buy and instrument and learn to play.

Scottish singer KT TUNSTALL, who contributes to the DVD, recently revealed that she has given up her hobby of mountain climbing for fear that frostbite will end her musical career.

The SUDDENLY I SEE singer told the Glasgow Daily Record that she loved climbing and had recently completed a course in Snowdonia.

She continued to say that although she would love to do more climbing in the future she was aware of the dangers and could not afford to lose her fingers.

06/12/2007 13:25:56