Former SUEDE guitarist Bernard Butler has hit out at the current trend for popular Britpop bands to reform.

THE VERVE recently recorded FORTH, their first album in 11 years, while Blur have announced they will be performing special dates this summer.

However, Butler is no fan of reunions, which he claims have no importance in today's music scene.

"There's an awful lot of Britpop reunions going on at the moment, and I find it embarrassing, personally. I think it's got no relevance to what's going on at the moment," he said.

He added that he is "obsessively opposed to nostalgia" and that it is far more important to concentrate on what he is going to do next.

"I made great records - I love them. My kids play them now. But that's for them and everyone else," he said.

Butler recently received the Music Producers Guild Award for producer of the year.

16/02/2009 11:50:54