British rockers Blur's much-heralded comeback looks set to be shortlived - drummer DAVE ROWNTREE wants to quit music completely to concentrate on his new career as a barrister.
After announcing plans for a reunion earlier this year (09), Blur burst back onto the scene with a secret performance at the NME Awards last month (Feb09), a taster for a string of U.K. gigs this summer (09).
But the band will have to find a new percussionist if they want to prolong the comeback - Rowntree has embraced an internship at a London law firm, and wants to make it his full time job.
He reveals, "I only went along for a day but then they said I could go in once a week as work experience. Now I go in three times a week. Hopefully I can go and work there when I'm finished with the Blur tour."
Rowntree is also due to revive his political ambitions after being selected to represent Britain's Labour Party as a local councillor.