Blur will never split up because of musical differences - because they have always had them.

The group - who recently reconciled after going on hiatus in 2003 shortly after Graham Coxon's departure - have completely different music tastes and struggle to find a song which all four members like, but say that keeps them interesting.

Bassist Alex James said: "I don't think there's one record that we all like. There's always someone who hates it.

"Musical differences, read split up due to they hate each other, that's musical differences. That's what makes it interesting, you know, if you all like the same music then you're not a band, you're a singer-songwriter."

Alex also spoke out about his second musical project, working with former members of New Order in Bad Lieutenant, revealing his managers were stunned when he first spoke about the venture.

He added to Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd: "A couple of years ago I wrote some songs with Bernard when Blur had split. I mean, New Order are my favourite band, so it was nice, and then I think Bernard's sort of taken them off and finished, I don't know.

"I'm going to see him in Manchester, so I'll find out what's going on, but I did get a call from the management company today going 'What do you mean you're in New Order, you're in Blur'.

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