British rockers Blur's current album THINK TANK is full of "sonic hopefulness" - because they got as dark as they could with their previous LPs.

The album is their sixth studio album - the first without original guitarist GRAHAM COXON - but the three remaining band members are confident the critically acclaimed LP is their most positive outing yet.

Bassist ALEX JAMES suggests, "It is full of images of hope. Sonic hopefulness."

While drummer Dave Rowntree expands, "For all of our previous albums, each one of the reviews has gone, 'This is a much darker album.'

"I mean, I think it couldn't have gotten any darker. I don't even know, even really know what that means. But anyway, this is an album made in the sunshine, and you can hear the sunshine in it."

Quips James, "Like cornflakes. You can taste the sunshine."

08/08/2003 17:18