Blur will ''definitely'' reunite to perform their hits again ''at some point''.

Damon Albarn, the Britpop band's frontman, has admitted he would ''hate to think'' that he wouldn't ever play alongside the group's members Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - who last performed together in 2015 - again, but they need to find the ''right time''.

He said: ''A reunion is never not a possibility. I think most definitely at some point we'll play those songs again.

''I'd hate to think I'd never play with those musicians again.

''But it has just got to be the right time.

''You want to feel that people really, really, really want you to do it, otherwise you're kind of becoming a tribute act to yourself.

''You destroy everything that you've created if you do.''

The 50-year-old rocker misses performing with the 'Charmless Man' hitmakers so much he has considered playing one of Blur's hits during his virtual band Gorillaz's shows, but doesn't think it would be a good idea.

He said: ''Some days I really fancy doing a Blur song in the middle of a Gorillaz set.

''I've never tried it, but I probably shouldn't.''

Gorillaz dropped new album 'The Now Now' in June, and Damon is pleased to have reunited with Jamie Hewlett - the other real-life half of the group, and the brains behind the incredible cartoon imagery of the band members - after they clashed ''over everything'' and didn't speak for three years from 2011.

Damon added to The Sun newspaper: ''For this record it was back to how we originally worked.

''He was somewhat absent when making 'Humanz', but with this one he was in the studio for the whole month.

''We just hung out for the whole of that month, which was really important.''