Blur feel like they are ''drowning in the commercialism'' of the London Olympics.

The 'Parklife' hitmakers - who are made up of singer Damon Albarn, lead guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree - find the corporate side of The Games ''depressing'' and insist they are only playing a huge gig at Hyde Park on August 12 for their fans.

Damon told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm just anti the capitalism of it all. We're not doing the gig for the corporate side of the Olympics, we're doing it for the human beings.

''It feels like you're drowning in commercialism at the moment. It's depressing.''

But the singer admits he would enjoy watching some of the table Tennis matches at the London Olympics - which will be officially opened this evening (27.07.12) - because he loves the sport and would like to be ''inspired'' by witnessing it at such a high level.

He added: ''I am into the table tennis so I would like to get some tickets for that. It would be an inspiration to see it at that level.''