The reformed Britpop band Blur were so happy that they had managed to write two new songs since they got back together, that they decided to quite literally sing them from the rooftops. Yesterday (July 2, 2012), the band performed their new songs, 'Under the Westway' and 'The Puritan' on a rooftop in London. They had managed to keep the location of the exclusive gig under wraps from all but a few dedicated fans and performed in front of 50 invited guests and an online audience on Twitter.
Before the performance took place, singer Damon Albarn told the press "I'm really excited about getting out there and playing them for people." 'Under the Westway' had already been performed live by the band, in recent months but 'The Puritan' was an unknown entity for most outside of the band. Bass player Alex James had previously described the latter tune as a "jump up and down and go crazy and sing along" kind of song and during the performance, he was indeed jumping up and down, despite the fact that the band ended up playing in the rain.
One fan could be seen wiping away tears and Alex responded by saying "I feel quite emotional too." Blur are preparing to play a special concert in Hyde Park to coincide with the closing ceremony for the Olympics. The two songs aired yesterday are already available to purchase online and will be released in a limited "7 vinyl format on August 6, 2012.