Blur could possibly reunite in their original line-up and record together for the first time since 1999.

In comments made to the NME, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree said that a period in September has been set aside.

"There is a week in the diary in September," Rowntree said. "But it's a very small thing - it could either be a seed or a full-stop."

Bassist Alex James hinted that relations between the band were thawing when he noted in his recent autobiography - A Bit of a Blur - that guitarist Graham Coxon had said he was up for a "jam".

Coxon left the band before the recording of the group's last album, Think Tank, in 2003 which the band recorded in Africa without their guitarist.

However, it seems that Coxon may be rejoining the band for an exploratory session after enjoying a successful solo career since departing from the Britpop giants.

Frontman Damon Albarn has also been busy since Blur faded away, beginning with Gorillaz before tackling the Good, the Bad and the Queen and a new 'monkey opera'.

14/07/2007 14:10:20