Blur bassist Alex James and his side project FAT LES are so disgusted Embrace have been chosen to sing the England team's anthem for this summer's (06) soccer World Cup, they are planning to write their own. Fat Les released the unofficial England theme tune VINDALOO for the 1998 World Cup, and are convinced they can come up with something far superior to Embrace's WORLD AT YOUR FEET. James and fellow Fat Les bandmember Keith Allen are holding discussions with Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian Mcculloch in a bid to pen a better tune. James says, "Every winter I forget how cold it gets, and it's like that with every World Cup - you forget how f**king huge it is. "The whole world comes to a halt. People have been saying, 'Are you going to do a football record?' And I'm like, 'No,' but you start getting a sniff of it. And it's like, 'Embrace? I'd do a f**king better job than that. Keith Allen's been calling. I've been thinking about it." He adds, "Ian MCCulloch's been singing, 'Come on, come on, you f**king England' to the BRYAN FERRY song LET'S STICK TOGETHER. "You take the backing track from that, stick MCCulloch singing, 'Come on, come on, you f**king England!' and Embrace can f**king suck my c**k."